Why Singapore?

World know Singapore as one of Four Tigers of Asia. As a world leader in research and innovation, Singapore stands as a premier education hub with its world class universities offering international students quality education at an affordable cost. Singapore had earned the third place in the 2013 QS Best Student Cities thus reflecting the country’s combination of highly ranked universities along with a diverse student community and high quality of life.

World Class Education Hub

Since the 1990s, Singapore has consistently been among the top performing countries in global education league tables and   was once touted by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development as a “poster child” for education development. In 2015, it topped the OECD global school ranking, beating more than 70 countries including Finland, the UK and the US.

Affordable Quality Education

The cost of studying in Singapore, though not as affordable as other Asian destinations, is still reasonable compared to countries like US, UK & Australia. This is one of the key factor that make Singapore an attractive destination for international students seeking a quality education.

MOE Tuition grants are available for International students admitted to Singapore Public Institutions. The grants are used to cover most of the tuition fees. Grants are not repayable, but in return, all international students are required to sign a bond that will commit them to work for a Singapore-registered company for at least 3 years after completing their degree/ course.


World Class Public Transportation

Singapore is a vibrant air hub with excellent connectivity to the Asia Pacific region. Changi Airport is an award-winning airport with world-class facilities and services. Widely acknowledged as one of the best airports in the world, Changi Airport is well served by many leading airlines and is one of Asia’s best-connected airports, with over 90 airlines flying to more than 200 cities around the world. The Public Transportation is also well connected by MRT and Buses which makes travelling in Singapore much easier and affordable.

Cultural Melting Pot

Being a melting pot of different ethnicities and cultures, Singapore enjoys great cultural diversity that features the distinctive traditions of the city’s various groups. Singaporean people are citizens of the city-state of Singapore – a multi-racial and multi-cultural country with ethnic Chinese, Indians, and indigenous Malays historically making up the majority of the population. The culture of Singapore is the combination of Asian and European cultures. Influenced by Malay, South Asian, East Asian, and Eurasian cultures, Singapore has been dubbed as a country where “East meets West”, “Easy Asia” and “Garden city”.

Global Business Hub

Singapore has been known to be an attractive location for multinational companies to establish their regional headquarters in the Asia Pacific region due to its strategic location, access to skilled talent, ease of doing business, world-class infrastructure, and a stable economic and political system.

Vibrant and Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

Live and study in one of the most cosmopolitan and picturesque cities in the world. Experience a vibrant arts culture, stunning scenery, superb shopping and a pleasant climate while you gain an internationally recognized university education. Singapore is unique and dynamic city rich in contrast and colour, you will find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture.

Safe and Conducive Environment

Singapore is just a door step away from Indonesia that distinguishes itself by providing a safe and conducive environment to nurture future global leaders. Students will feel at ease studying and living in Singapore.


Singapore offers students a unique learning experience as they receive a perfect blend of social, cultural and educational mix. In addition the country offers the sophistication of modern living making Singapore truly vibrant and cosmopolitan. Quite a number of students these days are opting to study in Singapore. If you too are thinking of studying abroad in Singapore, you must contact or find us in our event & exhibitions.

What People Say

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Kinesha Kurniadi


“Creosis has been such a great agency to work with. Ci Susan and Ci Riana made the application process such a breeze and even went the extra mile to recommend me a homestay in Singapore. They have answers to all my questions, and provided my guidance through everything. I would 100% recommend Creosis to anyone looking for a friendly and knowledgeable agent! Thanks Creosis😊 (Kinesha Kurniadi Kairos Gracia Christian Junior College, Singapore Institute of Management – University of London)”

Felicia Usinto


“ I’m glad that I choose creosis to help me distribute the required documents and files for the university registration. Not only the service given is fast, but also the person who helped me is nice and patient. Although their students are numerous, they still manage to give the best response to each of their students. I will recommend creosis to my other friend if they’re considering on going to Singapore. (Felicia Usinto SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong, LASALLE College of the Arts – Dip. Design Communication)”

Joanna Teresa


“I am Joanna from Jakarta. I was recommended of Creosis Agent by my aunt because all of my cousins were helped by them. They can be offering the best personal support with flexibility and good manner. All my doubts and anxieties about the admission process were addressed with clarity. I highly recommend it as a student agent to find the most suitable institute. Special thanks to Ms. Riana and Ms. Susan for their constant help and support. (Joanna Teresa Goenawan SMAK 5 Penabur – Kelapa Gading , Singapore Institute of Management – University of London)”

Olivia Angelina


“ I was that one student who had no clue of where she should go after she graduates High School. I was still searching and totally clueless even when graduation was just around the corner. Fortunately, I happened to hear about Creosis and decided to contact them. And I am very grateful to have met Ci Riana and Ci Susan who genuinely guided me through sorting universities and they helped me pick the right university with the perfect program that matches my passion. Next month, I will be attending SIM’s University at Bufallo program, and I couldn’t thank you enough! (Olivia Angelina Hu IPEKA Integrated Christian School, Singapore Institute of Management – University at Buffalo)”

Salwa Syahidah


“I am very thankful with Creosis. They help me a lot. They give me an alternative to choose a university that fit on me, help me to collect the document for university requirement, to find out dwell which suits me.

If i had some questions in my mind that i confused, they respond and answer quickly and the service so friendly. Creosis is recommended education agency. (Salwa Syahidah Adilah SMAIT Nurul Fikri – Depok, LASALLE College of the Arts – Dip. Interior Design)



“ Creosis have been helping me a lot. Not just helping me to enter the university, but also helps everything related to my university preparation. They are also very friendly towards me. Thanks to Creosis, now i’m a part of Lasalle! (Abigail Stevie Angdinata SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong, LASALLE College of the Arts – BA. Interior Design)”

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